Kickstart Facility Grant Program

Announcing Spring 2024 Kickstart Facility Grant Request for Proposals:

The Ohio State University Institute for Materials and Manufacturing Research invites proposals to its Kickstart Facility
Grant Program. IMR Kickstart Facility Grants make shared campus research facilities more accessible to demonstrate
materials-related research results with the goal of strengthening near-term research proposals for external support.


Preference is given to research conducted in one of IMR’s core materials research facilities, including:

■ Center for Design and Manufacturing Excellence (CDME)
■ Center for Electron Microscopy and Analysis (CEMAS)
■ Nanosystems Laboratory (NSL)
■ Nanotech West Laboratory (NTW)
■ Semiconductor Epitaxy and Analysis Laboratory (SEAL)
■ AFM Core Facility in Scott Laboratory W374B

Each Kickstart Facility Grant provides $2,500.00 to offset the cost of user fees and access fees associated with
participating facilities.


Key Dates:

■ Request for Proposals Release: Monday, April 8, 2024
■ Submission Deadline: Friday, April 26, 2024 at 5:00 PM
■ Submit your application as an email attachment in PDF format to Joanna Gardner,
IMR Proposal Development Specialist, at .
■ Anticipated Award Announcements: Friday, May 3, 2024
■ Anticipated Award Start Date: Wednesday, May 15, 2024


Kickstart Facility Grants Spring 2024 — Request for Proposals

Kickstart Facility Grant Program Spring 2024 — Proposal Form

Contact Information:

Potential applicants may contact Joanna Gardner, IMR Proposal Development Specialist, at ( with any administrative or procedural questions. Contact IMR Executive Director Steven Ringel ( with technical questions related to potential research activities.


Autumn 2023 – Awarded Projects

Enzymatic Nanofungicide as an Innovative Food Packaging Biomaterial
– David Wood, Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering

Role of extracellular vesicles on prospective vasculogenic cell therapies for Alzheimer’s Disease
– Diego F Alzate Correa (Post Doc), Biomedical Engineering

Unrevealing the Structure-Performance Interrelationship of A Class of HydrogelBased, Electro-Responsive Interface for Precise Chemical Release
– Jinghua Li, Materials Science and Engineering

Molecular Beam Epitaxy of Complex Oxides with Large Spin-Orbit Coupling
– Kaveh Ahadi, Materials Science and Engineering; Electrical and Computer Engineering

Non-contact, Non-destructive, Wafer-level Evaluation of Surface Properties in Antimonide Based Nanowires
– Punam Murkute (Post Doc), Electrical and Computer Engineering

Operando Insights into WSe2 Catalysis for CO2 Reduction
– Salva Salmani-Rezaie, Electrical and Computer Engineering

Investigating Optical Properties of Ar intercalated Low-Defect h-BN by Cathodoluminescence
– Shamsul Arafin , Electrical and Computer Engineering

Culinary Castoffs to Cutting-Edge Bio-Composites: Upcycling and Valueaddition of Cooking Waste into Sustainable, High-Performance Biodegradable Epoxy Thermosets, a Sustainability Pathway Toward a NetZero Future
– Sriloy Dey (Senior Research Associate), Food Science and Technology

Photophysical Properties of Cu-Doped Nanoceria: Role of Cu2+-Mediated sub-bandgap states on photocatalytic properties of nanoceria
– Supriya Ghosh (Post Doc), Chemistry and Biochemistry

Visualization and Characterization of Bacterial Extracellular Vesicles used to Mediate the Sensitization of Phage-Resistant Strains
– Tatiana Cuellar-Gaviria (Post Doc), Biomedical Engineering

Topological dipole lattices in geometrically confined nematic liquid crystals
– Xiaoguang (William) Wang, Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering


Previous IMR Facility Grant Award Recipients

Lists of all previously awarded IMR Facility Grants are provided for reference in the links below.