Kickstart Facility Grant Program

IMR Kickstart Facility Grants provide $2,500 to assist Ohio State University faculty and staff with facility user access fees to conduct innovative research connected to IMR’s Signature Areas and Strategic Themes, with the goal of obtaining external research funding.


IMR offers grant eligibility to the following: Non-tenured faculty (regular and research), with special consideration given to new faculty within five years of appointment; senior research staff with Principal Investigator status at Ohio State; and we will consider proposals from postdoctoral researchers who wish to perform research independent of their current advisor, as a path towards a future independent academic career [with letter of support from current advisor].

Preference is given to research conducted in one of IMR’s core materials research facilities, including:

Facility Grants are an excellent training opportunity for post-candidacy graduate students, fellows, and postdoctoral fellows to co-author proposals, and we encourage faculty to engage their students and staff in their proposal development.


Projects awarded in Spring 2021:

  • Effect of Multiple Reheat Induced Carbide Precipitation on Mechanical Properties and Service Performance of Advanced Alloys
    Boian Alexandrov, Materials Science and Engineering (Welding Engineering Program)
  • Structural and Optical Characterizations of Cubic Boron Nitride: A Material with Extreme Properties
    Shamsul Arafin, Electrical and Computer Engineering
  • Design of Optimal Interconnection Schemes and 3D Curvature Compatibility for Vehicle Integrated Photovoltaic Modules
    Ardeshir Contractor, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
  • Ultra-Low Loss Electron Energy Loss Spectroscopy at CEMAS
    Tyler Grassman, Materials Science and Engineering, Electrical and Computer Engineering
  • Development of micro crystal electron diffraction (micro-ED) as routine technique for structure determination of materials like metal organic frameworks (MOFs) at CEMAS
    Nicole Hoefer, Materials Science and Engineering
  • Cross‐Sensitivity of Ion‐Selective Biosensor Arrays in Multiple‐Cation Solution
    Jinghua Li, Materials Science and Engineering
  • Enabling 3D Corrosion Morphology Quantification using MicroCT
    Jenifer Locke, Materials Science and Engineering
  • 3D characterization of defects in AM builds using x-ray micro computed tomography
    Sriram Vijayan, Materials Science and Engineering
  • Design of Low-Cost Thermoelectric Materials Based on MXene Composites
    Xiaoguang (William) Wang, Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering


Previous IMR Facility Grant Award Recipients

Lists of all previously awarded IMR Facility Grants are provided for reference in the links below.