Innovation Lab

Students in the Innovation Lab listen to a presentation at an INNOVATE-O-thon event.

The Innovation Lab is an open-area, shared space that encourages conversation, collaboration and creativity. The lab’s vision is to make innovation as strong as research. It is a place where partners have access to the university and engage with both students and faculty. The Innovation Lab is a space focused on convergence and translation of knowledge and assets to solve real-world problems.


The IMR Innovation Lab is designed to inspire the generation of novel ideas. This 2,500-square-foot space on Ohio State’s West Campus allows guests to collide while fostering collaboration to maximize impact. The lab accommodates multiple combinations of desk and seating options in a well-lit, colorful environment that stimulates and encourages collaboration — perfect for an off-site meeting, workshop or ideation session. The Innovation Lab is the interface that connects, creates, and delivers impactful value derived from interdisciplinary research to meet the needs in the market through collaboration and strategic partnerships.



What We Do

IMR operates the Innovation Lab as place where Ohio State guests and industry visitors can engage each other, as well as students and faculty. It is home to a number of IMR events, including INNOVATE-O-thon and other collaborative programs involving faculty, staff and industry partners.


Who We Serve

The Innovation Lab has connected hundreds of students, staff and faculty members from 42 departments within six colleges, from Arts & Sciences to Engineering, to companies ranging from startups to Fortune 500s. This has led to the creation of more than 100 externships and an ever-growing number of internships. Additionally, more than 30 companies are engaged in multiple ways, enabling long-term, mutually beneficial relationships with students, faculty and external partners.


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  • Ohio State WiFi access for internal and external visitors
  • Nine stationary tables for small group work
  • Eight movable tables for collaboration
  • Seven wall-mounted whiteboards
  • Six movable whiteboards
  • Three movable 55” flat-screen monitors
  • 360-degree audio-visual conferencing capability
  • 10 ft. x 10 ft. screen and projector
  • Multifunction printing capability
  • Five 3D printers
  • Conference room with 75” wall-mounted monitor

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Ready to engage?

IMR offers multiple rental packages, as well as catering options. Our rental agreement can be found here.

For more info, reach out to IMR Innovation Manager Kari Roth at or 614-688-2777.

The Innovation Lab is located on the second floor of Nanotech West Laboratory, 1381 Kinnear Road, on West Campus of The Ohio State University.

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