Student reviews sticky notes on a wall in the Innovation Lab.INNOVATE-O-thon is a unique type of weekend-long, on-campus internship that partners undergraduate students, the university, and companies in the pursuit of solutions to a real-world problem.

Recently, the Institute for Materials and Manufacturing Research (IMR) invited Procter & Gamble to challenge undergraduates to dissect a real problem and devise and propose a suitable, executable solution to that company.

Through the course of an intense weekend, students form interdisciplinary teams to create innovative solutions focused on improving the design of disposable wipes packaging. The weekend begins with concept generation, progresses through proof of concept/prototyping and culminates in pitch presentations to Procter & Gamble representatives. From brainstorming to project budgeting, students are given the reins to produce the best concept.

The INNOVATE-O-thon externship program is a unique opportunity to participate in real business workshops, work with global business leaders, and put a nice touch on your resume. All undergraduate majors and grade levels welcome. The best innovations can be found in any discipline, from English or engineering to business or biochemistry.

While focused on mechanical, industrial and graphic design, our externship program welcomes students from all majors to participate in the innovation workshop to solve problems, work with P&G, and compete against fellow students.


Check out INNOVATE-O-thon with Procter & Gamble


  • INNOVATE-O-thon participants review notes.
  • INNOVATE-O-thon participants discuss ideas with faculty.
  • INNOVATE-O-thon participants finish projects before a presentation.

Companies that previously participated in INNOVATE-O-thons include Honda R&D; Black & Decker; Greif, Inc., a global leader in industrial packaging products and services; and ENGIE, which makes up half of the joint venture with Axium Infrastructure called Ohio State Energy Partners.

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Check out INNOVATE-O-thon with DriveOhio



  1. What is an INNOVATE-O-thon?
    An INNOVATE-O-thon gives undergraduate students from all majors a chance to get real-world experience and connections through the development of a unique product with a specific purpose. Each INNOVATE-O-thon has a particular “theme” that is chosen by the industry partners of the event and gives students the idea of the function of the product they create. At the end of the event, students are able to pitch the idea to the industry partners and receive feedback.
  2. What is an externship?
    An externship is a unique type of internship defined as on-campus partnership between students, the university, and potential employers that formally integrates students’ academic study with work, which is typically of less than a week in duration.
  3. Who can participate?
    All majors and grade levels are encouraged to participate in the INNOVATE-O-thon.


Participating in an INNOVATE-O-thon


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INNOVATE-O-thon Location


The Innovation Lab is located in Room 218 at 1381 Kinnear Road, Columbus, OH 43212. CLICK HERE FOR DIRECTIONS


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