Ohio State, IIT Bombay focus on wide bandgap materials and devices at Indo-US Science and Technology Forum in Mumbai

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The Ohio State University recently collaborated with the Indian Institute of Technology Bombay (IIT Bombay) through the IIT Bombay-Ohio State Frontier Center to organize an international workshop promoting collaboration and interaction between scientists and engineers from the United States and India.


The Indo-US Science and Technology Forum on “Frontiers of Excellence in Wide & Ultrawide Bandgap Semiconductors and Electronic Systems” brought together hundreds of scientists from academia and industry during the two-day event in December at the IIT Bombay campus in Mumbai, India.


The forum served to facilitate a better understanding and exchange of information about state-of-the-art power devices and power electronic systems, as well as identify challenges and opportunities in the field. Ultimately, the workshop aimed to benefit research, development and deployment of power semiconductor devices and power electronics technologies in the immediate future in both countries.


Wide bandgap materials and devices are a key thrust area due to their applications in energy-efficient power electronics, high frequency communications and solid state lighting.


Two faculty members from each university sat on the forum’s organizing committee: IIT Bombay professors Swaroop Ganguly and Saurabh Lodha, and Ohio State professors Siddharth Rajan and Steven Ringel, who is also the executive director of the Institute for Materials Research.


The Indo-US Science and Technology Forum is just one aspect of growing collaborations between the two universities, coming on the heels of the recently established IIT Bombay-Ohio State Frontier Science and Engineering Research Center announcing its first round of awards to collaborative research teams from both institutions.


The Frontier Center is a joint research center shared by IIT Bombay and Ohio State that launched in 2019 with the mission to create a global community of researchers, students and industry by leveraging both universities’ complementary strengths in materials, devices, components and systems. Lodha is also one of four Frontier Center leaders.


The new projects set to receive Frontier Center Scholar Grants bring together investigators with complementary expertise from across the globe to enable unique projects that push the frontier of science and engineering research beyond what could be accomplished separately.


“The Indo-U.S. Science and Technology Forum (IUSSTF) established under an agreement between the Governments of India and the United States of America in March 2000, is an autonomous bilateral organization jointly funded by both the Governments that promotes Science, Technology, Engineering and Innovation through substantive interaction among government, academia and industry. The Department of Science & Technology, Governments of India and the U.S. Department of States are respective nodal departments,” according to the IUSSTF website.


Story by Mike Huson, IMR Public Relations and Frontier Center Communications

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