Frontier Center releases RFPs for latest round of Frontier Center Scholar Grants

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The IIT Bombay-Ohio State Frontier Science and Engineering Research Center on Dec. 3 announced it has released requests for proposals (RFPs) for the second round of Frontier Center Scholar Grants.


The Frontier Center is a joint, collaborative research center shared by The Ohio State University and the Indian Institute of Technology Bombay that builds on both institutions’ research strengths in materials and their applications to systems to deliver unique impact on society through science and technology advancements.


“Our latest round of Frontier Center Scholar Grants is a key component in accomplishing the Frontier Center’s central goals of advancing education and research through strong partnerships,” said Prof. Ardeshir Contractor, Frontier Center co-lead and Professor of Practice in Ohio State’s Department of Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering and the Fisher College of Business.


The Frontier Center Scholars Program provides seed funding for cutting-edge research projects led by both Ohio State and IIT Bombay researchers. Each supported project consists of a pair of principal investigators (PIs), one from each university, as well as one doctoral graduate student from either partnering institution.


These students, Frontier Scholars, will spend approximately one semester working closely with host PIs while conducting research at the partnering institution. Frontier Scholars collaborating abroad receive travel support, accommodation, and living expenses for their four- to six-month stay at the host university.


“A key feature of the scholars’ program is that the Ph.D. student is co-advised by both PIs towards his/her final dissertation. We hope that this will enable a longer-term collaboration between the PIs, as well as a greater and lasting impact on the student’s overall doctoral research,” said Prof. Saurabh Lodha, Frontier Center co-lead and Professor of Electrical Engineering at IIT Bombay.


Through the Frontier Center Scholars Program, both institutions focus research in areas of strength and strategic growth, with initially supported research focusing on renewable energy, advanced manufacturing, electronics, photonics, and emergent materials. Supported research areas through the program continue to expand in response to societal needs and research discoveries.


Last year, six collaborative research teams received funding through the inaugural round of Frontier Center Scholar Grants. Those teams are now conducting research across a wide range of areas, from additive manufacturing to quantum materials.


“I have been particularly pleased that our first round of Frontier Center Scholar Grants has funded such deep engagement and great collaboration among the Frontier Scholars and PIs currently conducting research projects,” Contractor said. “Even in the face of the work and travel restrictions introduced by the pandemic, all of the awarded scholars are bringing together knowledge and techniques to meet their project goals.”


Beyond providing seed funding to spark new projects among international collaborators, the Frontier Center has continually engaged the Frontier research community since its launch in 2019 through the coordination of campus visits, workshops and webinars that highlight ongoing research and opportunities for collaboration between investigators at Ohio State and IIT Bombay.


Learn more about Frontier Center Scholar Grants, find important dates related to the program, and download RFPs at the Frontier Center website.


Story by Mike Huson, IMR Public Relations
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