IMR Awards 2010 Interdisciplinary Materials Research Grants (IMRG)

ORISadmin Awards, IMR Grants

IMR’s Research Enhancement Program provides different funding mechanisms to support novel research at The Ohio State Univeristy Seven research projects were awarded a second year by the IMR in June 2010, for a an additional $287,500 in direct research support from IMR.

2010 IMRG  Research Projects:

Multi-Scale Characterization of Battery Materials for Improved Performance
Lead: Sudarsanam Suresh Babu, Industrial, Welding and Systems Engineering and Materials Science and Engineering; Co-Applicants: Bharat Bhushan, Mechanical Engineering; Yann Guezennec, Mechanical Engineering; Giorgio Rizzoni, Mechanical Engineering; Shrikant C. Nagpure (PhD Student), Mechanical Engineering

Metamaterials with Smart Reconfiguration for Broadband RF Antennas
Lead: Marcelo Dapino, Mechanical Engineering; Co-Applicants:  Suresh Babu, Industrial Systems Engineering; John Volakis, Electrical and Computer Engineering.

Structure-Property Relationships in Novel Structural Materials
Lead: Katherine Flores, Materials Science and Engineering

Economical Platforms for FET-based Protein Detection to Support Sensor Clinical Translation 
Lead: Stephen C. Lee, Biomedical Engineering; Co-Applicant: Paul Berger, Electrical and Computer Engineering.

Use of Electrospun Biomaterials as Carriers of Bone Marrow Derived Stem/Progenitor Cells to Stimulate Tissue Neovascularization
Lead: Nicanor I. Moldovan, Internal Medicine; Co-Applicant: John J. Lannuti, Materials Science and Engineering.

Exploring Electrically Tunable Magnetism in Gd-doped Nitride Quantum Structures  
Lead: Roberto C. Myers; Materials Science and Engineering & Electrical Computer Engineering; Co-Applicants: Ezekiel Johnston-Halperin, Physics; Michael Mills, Materials Science and Engineering.

Synthesis of III-V Semiconductor Nanowire Heterostructures Using Metalorganic Chemical Vapor
Lead: Fengyuan Yang, Physics; Co-Applicants: Ezekiel Johnston-Halperin, Physics; Roberto C. Myers, Materials Science and Engineering & Electrical and Computer Engineering