ECE holds vigil focused on real change

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Originally published on the ECE website:

When public artist Barbara Grygutis created the Garden of Constants sculptures adjacent to Dreese Labs at The Ohio State University, she was exploring how colors and numbers change perspectives, revealing new meaning over time.

This is precisely why faculty, staff and students of the Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE) program held a vigil on the evening of Friday, June 12, to honor George Floyd and the countless other innocent lives lost to senseless brutality. As word of the planned vigil spread, the College of Engineering joined in support.

ECE Chair Hesham El Gamal spoke about the need for real and persistent change, not only in welcoming more people of color into the program, but ensuring their time as students is nurtured rather than unknowingly challenged in any way.

Visit the ECE website to read more and watch a video of the event.