CDME nominated for WayUp’s Top 100 Best Internship Programs List

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The Ohio State University’s Center for Design and Manufacturing Excellence (CDME) has been nominated for WayUp’s Top 100 Best Internship Programs List. With the nomination, CDME will have the opportunity to earn a spot among the 100 best internship programs in the United States. The final selections will be determined by a panel of industry expert judges and a public vote.


Public votes will be accepted until midnight PT on July 30, 2021. The date coincides with National Intern Day, a holiday established by WayUp in 2017 to recognize and celebrate interns.


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Established in 2014, CDME works with companies and researchers to translate new technologies into market-ready products. These projects give student employees real, hands-on experience integrating new technology and provide customers the workforce advantage necessary to compete.


“I really feel like CDME is invested in my education and career because of the financial support, product experience, and mentorship I will have received by the time I graduate,” said Ankitha Krishnamurthy, an undergraduate student assistant at CDME majoring in industrial and systems engineering. “My work perfectly supplements my engineering and business coursework at Ohio State. I know it will help me going forward in my upper-level classes, internship assignments, capstone project, and especially later when I enter the workforce.”


Since its inception, CDME has employed more than 170 undergraduate students. Those young professionals represent a diverse selection of academic concentrations. Seventy percent are enrolled in engineering courses at Ohio State; the remaining 30% chose majors such as biology, marketing, accounting, or data analytics.


CDME student employees graduate with up to 4,000 hours of experience working in an industrial environment that matches their experience after graduation. At CDME, they work on real customer projects while being mentored by staff with industry experience.


“Companies need students with authentic, applicable experience,” Charles Young, the director of business development at CDME, said. “They need new employees to become proficient and productive members of their workforce quickly. If we do this right, the day our students start their first post-graduate job will seem more like their first promotion than their first day of onboarding.”


CDME also connects students with internships and co-ops with other companies, encouraging them to gain outside experience during the summer and return to CDME in the fall to apply their new skills.

“This summer, I will be interning with Eaton, a global manufacturing company, in their aerospace division. I am excited to take what I have learned from CDME into that experience and vice versa,” said Krishnamurthy.


The WayUp Top 100 Best Internship Programs List will be announced in mid-August. To learn more about the National Intern Day and how you can participate, check out


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