IMR Colloquium – Sam Stupp, November 9

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Join us for the first offering of the 2011-2012 IMR Colloquia Series on Wednesday, November 9th. All members of the OSU materials community – staff, students, faculty – are welcome to join us for any of these events.

Self-Assembly in Materials Chemistry

Samuel I. Stupp

Departments of Chemistry, Materials Science and Engineering, and Medicine, Northwestern University

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

2:30 – 3:30 PM (light reception to follow)

E100 Scott Laboratory, 201 West 19th Avenue

Abstract: Self-assembly has emerged over the past two decades as a chemical strategy to create materials and devices. Based on lessons from biological systems, this strategy could be extraordinarily useful to craft highly functional materials from non-covalent assemblies of molecules and hybrid structures that imitate biomineralization. In order to harness the potential of the strategy in materials chemistry, the underlying science needed is a deep understanding of self-assembly codes based on both structure and external forces. So far self-assembly approaches have been developed mostly to organize molecules on surfaces, create supramolecular nanostructures with internal order, and to generate three dimensional patterns using phase separation of macromolecules. This lecture will illustrate self-assembly strategies to create more complex structures of interest in energy and medicine that have hierarchical order across scales. In these systems supramolecular self-assembly codes act synergistically with other forces to generate functional systems.

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