Renowned UT Dallas professor discusses high-k gate dielectrics at IMR Distinguished Lecturer Series


Robert M. Wallace of the University of Texas at Dallas brought decades of experience in the fields of physics and materials science to students and faculty at The Ohio State University on March 27 during IMR’s annual Distinguished Lecturer Series.


Wallace is a renowned professor of Materials Science and Engineering and Erik Jonsson Distinguished Chair in the School of Engineering and Computer Science at UT Dallas.


His lecture, “High-K Dielectrics: A Perspective on Applications from Silicon to 2-D Materials,” walked attendees through evolutions and challenges in gate-dielectrics research, from the establishment of Hf-based dielectrics in commercial silicon technology fabrication processes to pushing the limits of channel scaling with atomically thin 2-D materials.


“I wanted to try to give a larger perspective of how important materials are and how important interdisciplinary interactions are in doing this kind of work,” Wallace said.


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