IMR Awards Spring 2014 Facility Grants

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The Ohio State Institute for Materials Research awarded eleven new research projects in June, for a total investment of $22,000 in nascent materials research. The eleven projects support faculty researchers from eight different departments within the College of Engineering, College of Arts and Sciences, and College of Food, Agricultural and Environmental Sciences.

About IMR Facility Grants

IMR Facility Grants provide $2,000 to assist OSU faculty with facility user access fees and related minor charges associated with conducting innovative materials-allied research.  The IMR typically offers two rounds of IMR Facility Grants each fiscal year, with deadlines in the fall and spring. The FY 2015 Request for Proposals will be released later this summer.

Spring 2014 IMR Facility Grants Awards

  • Laser‐Material Interaction of Nano‐patterned Ceramic Surfaces, Sheikh Akbar, Materials Science and Engineering; Co-Investigator: Enam Chowdhury, Physics
  • PDMS Honeycomb Templates to Probe the Force Footprint and Stiffness of Cells, Peter Anderson, Materials Science and Engineering; Co-Investigators: Jianjun Guan, Materials Science and Engineering; Heather Powell, Materials Science and Engineering; Gunjan Agarwal, Biomedical Engineering
  • Probing the Aging Effects of Nanomechanical Properties of Thin-Film LiFePO4 Li-Ion Batteries, Bharat Bhushan, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
  • Selective Conversion of Methane to Methanol through Synthesizing Uniform Catalytic Sites, Nicholas Brunelli, Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering
  • Relationship of Rubber Particle Composition and Structure to Material Properties, Katrina Cornish, Horticulture and Crop Sciences and Food, Agricultural and Biological Engineering
  • The First Solution-Phase Synthesis of Metal Carbide Materials, Joshua Goldberger, Chemistry and Biochemistry
  • Single Cell Sampling in Single Cell Culture Wells Using Microdroplets, Derek Hansford, Biomedical Engineering
  • Computationally Enhanced Electron Backscatter Diffraction Framework for Mesoscale Exploration, Stephen Niezgoda, Materials Science and Engineering
  • Biomaterials for the Efficient Production of Hydrogen Gas from Water: Towards Solar Fuels, Hannah Shafaat, Chemistry and Biochemistry
  • Integrated Shear Force-Scanning Electrochemical Microscopy Nanoelectrodes for Imaging Soft Electrochemical Materials and Surfaces, Vishnu Sundaresan, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering; Co-Investigator: Venkat Gopalan, Chemistry and Biochemistry