IMR Awards 6 New Facility Grants

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Six new research projects were awarded by The Ohio State University Institute for Materials Research in January 2016, for a total investment of $12,000 in nascent materials research. The six projects support eleven faculty researchers from five different departments within the College of Engineering, College of Arts and Sciences, and College of Medicine.

Please join us in congratulating these six research teams awarded IMR Facility Grants in January. Download the full award announcement, including abstracts for all funded projects.

  • Analytical TEM for Physiological vs. Pathological Iron Core, Gunjan Agarwal, Biomedical Engineering; Co-Investigators: David McComb, Materials Science and Engineering; Dana McTigue, Neuroscience
  • LIPSS and SIPSS: Novel Surface Patterning Processes for Materials, Sheikh Akbar, Materials Science and Engineering; Co-Investigator: Enam Chowdhury, Physics
  • A Micro/Nanofabricated Platform for Enhanced Gene Delivery: Applications in Cell-based Therapies, Daniel Gallego Perez, Surgery; Co-Investigator: Savita Khanna, Surgery
  • Development of Photonic Crystals for the Investigation of Magneto-Optical Properties in 2D Materials, Ezekiel Johnston-Halperin, Physics
  • Quantification of the Effect of Active Beta Phase Grain Boundary Coverage on Fatigue in Simulated Marine Environments, Jenifer S. Locke, Materials Science and Engineering
  • Sample Fabrication for BEEM Studies of Contacts to 2D Materials, Jonathan Pelz, Physics; Co-Investigator: Roland Kawakami, Physics


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