IMR Awarded Funding through Ohio State’s Targeted Investments in Excellence Program (TIE)

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The IMR is a central part of the Advanced Materials Initiative, one of ten proposals selected for support by OSU’s Targeted Investments in Excellence Program (TIE) in 2006. The TIE supports ten “high-impact initiatives” capable of achieving the university’s academic plan to move Ohio State into the top tier of America’s public research universities. The Advanced Materials Initiative’s objective is to prominently establish OSU as one of the world’s leading universities in materials research and education.

Ohio State’s Academic Plan 2006 Update: The Targeted Investment in Excellence Program

Advanced Materials Initiative Proposal to the TIE Program

Because of the broad economic and entrepreneurial impact of materials research, and because such research is vital to so many business sectors within Ohio, the work of the Institute can be expected to have a direct impact on the state’s economy… The IMR will foster inter-college cooperation and further engage the contributing faculty in development of an integrated institutional strategy supporting materials research and associated infrastructure.”
– Barbara R. Snyder, OSU Executive Vice President and Provost