Frontier Researchers at IITB

Indian Institute of Technology Bombay

First NameLast NameTitleDepartmentExpertiseContact
AftabAlamAssociate ProfessorPhysicsFirst principles calculation
Bulk, low dimensional quantum systems
Photovoltaics, Transparent conductor
Topological quantum materials
Defect physics
AlankarAlankarAssistant ProfessorMechanical EngineeringMultiscale modeling of deformation
Crystal plasticity
Defect interaction
Grain boundaries and interfaces
Microstructure design
HimanshuBahiratAssistant ProfessorElectrical EngineeringHVDC
Switching transients
Wind farms
DipanshuBansalAssistant ProfessorMechanical EngineeringThermal transport
Phonon and spin excitations
Neutron and X-ray scattering
Superionic conductors
AmritaBhattacharyaAssistant ProfessorMetallurgical Engineering and Materials ScienceComputational materials science
Charge and heat transport
Defects in semiconductors
Strongly correlated materials
Machine learning
MithunChowdhuryAssistant ProfessorMetallurgical Engineering and Materials SciencePolymer physics
Glass transition and crystallization
Semiconducting polymers
Nanostructured polymers and interfaces
Frugal characterization of soft materials
PrashantDateProfessorMechanical EngineeringSheet metal forming
Bulk metal forming
Mechanical metallurgy
Powder metallurgy
Sustainable manufacturing
AmitavaDeProfessorMechanical EngineeringWelding
Additive manufacturing
Process modeling
RajivDusaneP. K. Kelkar Chair ProfessorMetallurgical Engineering and Materials SciencePhotovoltaics
Silicon thin films and nanostructures
Supercapacitors and batteries
Surface nano engineering
SwaroopGangulyAssistant ProfessorElectrical EngineeringMaterials-to-devices modeling
DiptiGoldbergerAssociate ProfessorMetallurgical Engineering and Materials Science Flexible electronics
Low cost sensors for biomedical application (EEG, ECG, etc.)
Organic/hybrid solar cells
Device simulation
Thin film devices(OTFTs)
AnilKottantharayilProfessorElectrical EngineeringSilicon photovoltaics
Reliability and soiling of PV modules
Silicon semiconductor devices
AnshumanKumarAssistant ProfessorPhysics2D materials optoelectronics
High Q dielectric micro cavities (Silica and SiN)
Plasmonics for energy
Nanophotonics theory
SaurabhLodhaProfessorElectrical EngineeringAdvanced CMOS materials, processes and devices
2D materials and devices
Ultra wide band-gap power devices
Metal-semiconductor interfaces
ALD thin films and process integration
AvinashMahajanProfessorPhysicsLow-dimensional quantum magnets
Spin-chain and spin-ladder
Frustrated geometries
Spin liquids
Nuclear magnetic resonance
SudhanshuMallickAssociate Professor
Metallurgical Engineering and Materials Science
Photovoltaics, anti-soiling coatings, encapsulants, recycling,
SushilMishraAssociate ProfessorMechanical EngineeringEBSD and TKD analysis
Fatigue and fracture analysis
Microstructure modeling
Thermo-mechanical processing
SagarMitraProfessorEnergy Science and EngineeringLithium and sodium-ion battery
Advanced electrode design
Solid-state lithium-ion battery
Cell prototyping and optimization
Cell performance and testing
SohamMujumdarAssistant ProfessorMechanical EngineeringDevelopment of micro/meso-scale manufacturing systems
Modeling and analysis of micro-manufacturing processes
Sustainable manufacturing
AmartyaMukhopadhyayAssociate ProfessorMetallurgical Engineering and
Materials Science
Materials for electrochemical energy storage
Solid electrolytes
Advanced structural ceramics/composites
BhaskaranMuralidharanAssociate ProfessorElectrical Engineering Quantum transport
Modeling of superlattice photodetectors
Superlattice thermoelectrics
Magnetoelectronics and spintronics
Topological electronics
K.NarasimhanProfessorMetallurgical Engineering and Materials Science Metal forming
Mechanical behaviour
Microstructure evolution
N.VenkataramaniProfessorMetallurgical Engineering and Materials ScienceFerrimagnetic materials
Thick and thin films
Ferroelectric thin films
Magnetoelectirc composites
RF sputtering processes and key physical property measurements
AvradeepPalAssistant ProfessorMetallurgical Engineering and Materials ScienceSuperconductor-ferromagnet interactions
Josephson junctions
Graphene mesoscopics
Material systems for quantum computing
UHV sputtering
SmrutiranjanParidaAssociate ProfessorMetallurgical Engineering and Materials ScienceSelf-healing coatings
Low surface energy coatings
Nanocomposite coatings
Corrosion mitigation
Carbon nanomaterials and their functional applications
V. S.RajaProfessorMetallurgical Engineering and Materials ScienceAqueous corrosion of metals
Structure-corrosion property correlation
Environmentally assisted cracking
Light alloys
RAAJRamsankaranAssociate ProfessorCivil EngineeringSatellite hydrology
Satellite glaciology
Remote sensing data assimilation
DipankarSahaAssociate ProfessorElectrical EngineeringGaN HEMT
Nanowire transistor
Laser device physics
ShaibalSarkarAssociate ProfessorEnergy Science and EngineeringPerovskite photovoltaics
Roll-to-roll process
Atomic layer deposition
SumitSaxenaAssociate ProfessorMetallurgical Engineering and Materials ScienceDensity functional theory
2D materials
Water purification
YogendraShastriAssociate ProfessorChemical EngineeringSustainability
Biomass and biofuels
Process and supply chain optimization
Life cycle assessment
System dynamics modeling
NarendraShiradkarAssistant ProfessorElectrical EngineeringPhotovoltaics
PV module reliability
Design of PV power plants
Performance monitoring of PV modules
PV module manufacturing
ShobhaShuklaAssociate ProfessorMetallurgical Engineering and Materials ScienceFemto-second laser based 2D & 3D lithography
2D materials
AniruddhaSinhaAssociate ProfessorAerospace EngineeringAeroacoustics
Reduced-order modelling of flows
Feedback control of flows
Gunshot localization using acoustics
KrishnenduSinhaProfessorAerospace EngineeringComputational fluid dynamics
Hypersonic flow
Heat transfer
Aerospace propulsion
Turbulence modeling
SunitaSrivastavaAssistant ProfessorPhysicsNanomaterials and soft matter
Biomolecules, colloidal and glassy materials
Self-assembly, Surfaces-interfaces
Lipid membrane and nanoparticle interaction
X-ray Scattering dynamics and structure
Bulk and interfacial rheology
SrikantSukumarInsAssociate ProfessorSystems and Control EngineeringNonlinear control
Cooperative systems
Networked control
Spacecraft GNC
Aerial robotics
RaghavanSunojFord Motor Company ChairInstitute Chair Professor and Convener for High Performance Computing ChemistryComputational chemistry
Reaction mechanism and catalysis
Machine learning applications in chemical catalysis
AsimTewariG.K. Devarajulu Chair ProfessorMechanical EngineeringMicrostructural mechanics
Quantitative microscopy
Image processing
Machine learning and deep learning
Sankara SarmaTatipartiAssociate ProfessorEnergy Science and EngineeringHydrogen storage
SatishVittaProfessorMetallurgical Engineering and Materials ScienceThermoelectric materials
Cellulose-based functional composites