From natural rubber to medical glove: CFAES research team’s creation fends off allergies, blocks radiation

ORISadmin IMR Staff

IMR member Katrina Cornish, an Ohio Research Scholar and Endowed Chair in Bio-based Emergent Materials at the College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences (CFAES), and her team were recently highlighted by both Ohio State News and The Ohio State University’s student newspaper, The Lantern.


Her team created the first medical glove that meets federal guidelines and blocks radiation while not triggering allergic reactions. The federal guideline mandating medical professionals to protect themselves from bloodborne pathogens and radiation forces some to wear two sets of gloves, while others settle on wearing just one. The former option restricts hand mobility, the latter is risky.


Cornish’s team answered with the development of a radiation attenuation medical glove created with guayule natural rubber. The glove was developed with partner EnergyEne Inc., a Cornish-led startup company in Wooster, Ohio.


Read more from about Cornish and her team at Ohio State News.


More info about their research and medical glove can be found at The Lantern.