Campus Celebrates CEMAS Grand Opening

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On Wednesday, September 18, 2013, the campus formally welcomed the newest materials research lab facility, the Center for Electron Microscopy and Analysis (CEMAS).

CEMAS boasts the highest concentration of high-end microscopes in North America and the center is expected to be ranked among the top ten electron microscopy facilities worldwide, thus elevating the capabilities and status of The Ohio State University’s materials community globally.

This new hub for business and academia materials characterization is home to $28 million of equipment, including 10 FEI electron microscopes, two X-ray diffractometer systems, facilities for nanoindentation, and an extensive array of sample preparation facilities. Researchers from life sciences, physical sciences and engineering will use CEMAS for a wide range of experimentation with full technical support. CEMAS is directed by Dr. David McComb, Professor of Materials Science and Engineering and Ohio Research Scholar in Nanoscale Materials Characterization, who has worked tirelessly for two years to bring the facility to fruition.

IMR is proud to be a partner with CEMAS, providing funds to support the facility through the Ohio Research Scholars Program award in Technology-Enabling and Emergent Materials, an Ohio Third Frontier award which allowed OSU to recruit Dr. McComb in October 2011 and contribute to the acquisition of the world class instrumentation available today at CEMAS.  The IMR shuttle – which runs ten times a day, every week day – provides convenient, free transportation to OSU researchers wishing to use CEMAS.