2012-2013 OSU Materials Research Seed Grant Program Awards

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2012-2013 OSU Materials Research Seed Grant Program Awards

We are excited to announce that after a thorough internal and external review process, nine awards have been made to fund innovative and exciting materials research on campus through the Ohio State Materials Research Seed Grant Program.  These awards total $540,000 in internal research funding to 24 OSU researchers in eight departments.

Congratulations to the nine research teams whose projects were selected this year for seed grant funding. Download full abstracts for each of these research projects.

2012-2013 Proto-IRG Grants

Proto-IRG Grants are awarded with the goal of developing new Interdisciplinary Research Groups (IRGs) that could be incorporated into the renewal proposal that will be submitted by the CEM to the NSF MRSEC program in 2013.  Three Proto-IRG Grants were awarded this year:

  • Band Structure Engineering of Si/Ge/Sn Graphane Analogues, Principal Investigator: Joshua Goldberger, Chemistry; Co-Investigators: Wolfgang Windl, Materials Science and Engineering; Jay Gupta, Physics
  • Thermal Spintronics: Materials for Enhanced Heat-Spin Interactions, Principal Investigator: Roberto Myers, Materials Science & Engineering; Co-Investigator: Joseph Heremans, Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering; Collaborators: Ezekiel Johnston-Halperin, Physics; David Stroud, Physics
  • Functional Dynamics of DNA Scaffolded Materials, Principal Investigator: Michael Poirier, Physics; Co-Investigators: Chris Hammel, Physics; Christopher Jaroniec, Chemistry; Carlos Castro, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering; Collaborator: Ezekiel Johnston-Halperin, Physics

2012-2013 Multidisciplinary Team Building Grants

Multidisciplinary Team Building Grants form multidisciplinary materials research teams that can compete effectively for federal block-funding opportunities.  Two Multidisciplinary Team Building Grants were awarded this year:

  • Using Neutron Depth Profiling for the Characterization of Current Collectors in Lithium Ion Batteries, Principal Investigator: Marcello Canova, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering; Co-Investigator: Raymond Cao, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering; Collaborator: Anne Co, Chemistry
  • Engineered Heart Tissue: A Multidisciplinary Team Centered on Scaffold Structure and Mechanics, Principal Investigator: Jianjun Guan, Materials Science & Engineering; Co-Investigators: Gunjan Agarwal, Biomedical Engineering; Peter Anderson, Materials Science & Engineering

2012-2013 Exploratory Materials Research Grants

Exploratory Materials Research Grants enable nascent materials research to emerge to the point of being competitive for external funding.  Four Exploratory Materials Research Grants were awarded this year:

  • DNA-based Molecular Actuators for Novel Smart Material Systems, Principal Investigator: Carlos Castro, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering; Co-Investigators: Marcelo Dapino, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering; Haijun Su, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
  • New Approach to Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) Shielding of Plastic Parts: Nanopaper In-Mold Coating, Principal Investigator: Jose Castro, Integrated Systems Engineering; Co-Investigator: L. James Lee, Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering
  • Modifying the Kinetics and Selectivity of CO2 Electroreduction through Ionic Liquid‐Electrode Interactions, Principal Investigator: Anne Co, Chemistry and Biochemistry; Collaborators: Aravind Asthagiri, Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering; David Cole, Earth Sciences
  • Rechargeable Potassium-Air Batteries with High Energy Storage and Efficiency, Principal Investigator: Yiying Wu, Chemistry; Co-Investigator: Sheldon Shore, Chemistry and Biochemistry


About the OSU Materials Research Seed Grant Program

The OSU Materials Research Seed Grant Program provides internal research funding opportunities through three distinct Funding Tiers designed to achieve the greatest impact for seeding and advancing excellence in materials research of varying scopes.  The OSU Materials Research Seed Grant Program is jointly funded and managed by the Center for Emergent Materials (CEM), the Center for Electronic and Magnetic Nanoscale Composite Multifunctional Materials (ENCOMM), and the Institute for Materials Research (IMR).