CERF 2018 event bridges the industry-student gap

Student researchers from the ElectroScience Laboratory (ESL) at The Ohio State University shared their work on cutting-edge electromagnetics and radio frequency research with representatives from some of the top industries in the country at the 9th-annual CERF Technical Meeting and Affiliates Dinner.


CERF, or the Consortium on Electromagnetics and Radio Frequencies, is an alliance allowing ESL faculty, researchers and students to share their expertise with top U.S.-based industries.


The event gives industry access to the potential workforce talent at ESL, one of the top research centers worldwide in the realms of electromagnetics and radio frequency research.


This year, ESL welcomed representatives from BAE Systems, the BerrieHill Research Division of Applied Research Associates, Bridgestone Americas, Lockheed Martin, MIT Lincoln Laboratory, Northrop Grumman and Raytheon to the Blackwell Inn and Pfahl Conference Center at Ohio State on August 7.


“CERF has many benefits for our industrial affiliates as well as our students and researchers at ESL. The affiliates gain access to our students and their research, our lab facilities, and can even support research projects at ESL,” said interim director Bob Burkholder. “The annual meeting is an excellent opportunity for the students to showcase their work and gain experience making presentations. They also get the chance to interact with potential sponsors and future employers.”


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