Oxide MBE Laboratory

Location: 2175 Physics Research Building


Contact: Dr. Zhaoquan Zeng – zhaoqzeng@gmail.com


The Oxide MBE laboratory is the only oxide molecular beam epitaxy machine in the state of Ohio. The centerpiece of this facility is a recently acquired Veeco GEN 930 oxide MBE system capable of growing ferroelectric and ferromagnetic ceramic crystals, so-called “complex oxides,” layer-by-atomic-layer and under extreme temperatures and pressures. A load locked entry/exit chamber, a buffer/preparation chamber, and an extension chamber transfer tube assembly permit ultrahigh vacuum sample transfer to and from a surface science analysis chamber without exposure to air. The analysis chamber is equipped with XPS, AES, UPS, LEED, and DRCLS to monitor electronic, chemical, and structural properties of the epitaxial oxide films and their interfaces during the growth process and with subsequent thermal and chemical processing.

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