Center for Electron Microscopy and Analysis (CEMAS)

Location: 1305 Kinnear Rd, Suite 100, Columbus, Ohio


Contact: Hendrik (Henk) Colijn, Associate Director, 614-643-3458,


CEMAS is one of the largest concentrations of electron and ion beam analytical microscopy instruments in any North American institution. These include two aberration corrected scanning transmission electron microscopes (S/TEM).  One instrument is optimized for high spatial resolution imaging and analysis with the capability to provide sub-angstrom resolution, while the second instrument is designed for investigation of soft materials and biomaterials with the ultimate in chemical analysis capabilities as well as high resolution imaging performance. CEMAS is housed in a custom-designed environment located on West Campus. The facility provides a world-class environment for five transmission electron microscopes (TEM), three scanning electron microscopes (SEM) and two dual-beam focused ion beam (FIB) instruments. Sample preparation laboratories for life sciences, physical sciences and engineering are provided with full technical support. The provision of comprehensive computer facilities for data processing and image simulation allows academic and industrial users to carry out their entire microscopy and analysis program at CEMAS.

 dan_on_helios tecnai titan

Available Instrumentation

  • FEI Image Corrected Titan 60-300 S/TEM
  • FEI Probe Corrected Titan 80-300 S/TEM
  • FEI Tecnai F20 S/TEM
  • FEI/Philips CM-200T TEM
  • FEI/Philips CM-12T TEM
  • FEI Helios NanoLab 600 DualBeam (FIB/SEM)
  • FEI Nova NanoLab 600 DualBeam (FIB/SEM)
  • FEI/Philips Sirion Field Emission SEM
  • FEI/Philips XL-30 Field Emission ESEM
  • FEI Quanta 200 SEM
  • Rigaku MiniFlex 600
  • Rigaku SmartLab