Campus Microscopy and Imaging Facility (CMIF)

Location: 245 Biomedical Research Tower, 460 W. 12th Ave., Columbus, Ohio  43210-2210


Contact Person:  Prof. John M. Robinson, Director, 614-292-2814, 


The Campus Microscopy and Imaging Facility (CMIF) is the core biomedical microscope facility with cutting-edge instruments and highly trained experts to provide outstanding support to scientists for confocal, light, scanning electron and transmission electron microscopy.  The CMIF is critical for investigators seeking to identify specific cells and proteins in cells and tissues.  The microscopes in the facility were newly purchased in the last five years and provide highest quality images.  A wide range of sample preparation instruments and techniques are available including collaboration on projects.

Available Instrumentation

  • FEI Tecnai G2 BioTWIN transmission electron microscope
  • FEI Nova 400 Nano scanning electron microscope
  • VisiTech Infinity3 2D array multibeam confocal microscope
  • Olympus FV1000 MPE multiphoton confocal microscope
  • Olympus FV1000 filter confocal microscope
  • Olympus FV 1000 spectral confocal microscope
  • Zeiss Axioskop optical microscope with wide field fluorescence

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