IMR Members

IMR’s membership includes over 200 faculty members and research staff representing 20 departments and 6 colleges. IMR members are faculty from the Colleges of Engineering; Arts and Sciences (Division of Natural and Mathematical Sciences); Food, Agricultural and Environmental Sciences; Medicine; Pharmacy; and Veterinary Medicine.

Cooper, Stuart

Photo of Stuart Cooper
Chair Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering Website:

Cornish, Katrina

Photo of Katrina Cornish
Professor Horticulture and Crop Science Website:

Daehn, Glenn

Photo of Glenn Daehn
Professor Materials Science Engineering Website:

Dapino, Marcelo

Photo of Marcelo Dapino
Designated Chair Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering Website:

Dasi, Lakshmi

Photo of Lakshmi Dasi
Associate Professor Biomedical Engineering Website:

Davis, Bob

Photo of Bob Davis
Adjunct Associate Professor and Director Electrical and Computer Engineering, Nanotech West Laboratory Website:

De Lucia, Frank

Photo of Frank De Lucia
Distinguished University Professor Physics Website:

Dregia, Suliman

Associate Professor Materials Science Engineering Website:

Drummond, Charles

Photo of Charles Drummond
Faculty Emeritus Materials Science Engineering Website:

Dunsiger, Sarah

Photo of Sarah Dunsiger
Post Doctoral Researcher Center for Emergent Materials Website:

Dupaix, Rebecca

Photo of Rebecca Dupaix
Associate Professor Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering Website:

Dutta, Prabir

Photo of Prabir Dutta
Distinguished University Professor Chemistry & Biochemistry Website:

Epstein, Arthur

Photo of Arthur Epstein
Emeritus Professor Physics Website:

Ezeji, Thaddeus

Photo of Thaddeus Ezeji
Assistant Professor Animal Sciences Website:

Fan, Liang-Shih

Photo of Liang-Shih Fan
Distinguished University Professor Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering Website:

Farson, Dave

Photo of Dave Farson
Associate Professor Materials Science and Engineering Website:

Fayed, Ayman

Photo of Ayman Fayed
Associate Professor Electrical and Computer Engineering Website:

Fink, Carolin

Photo of Carolin Fink
Post Doctoral Researcher Materials Science Engineering Website:

Frankel, Gerald

Photo of Gerald Frankel
Professor Materials Science Engineering Website:

Fraser, Hamish

Photo of Hamish Fraser
Professor Materials Science Engineering Website: