IMR Members

IMR’s membership includes over 200 faculty members and research staff representing 20 departments and 6 colleges. IMR members are faculty from the Colleges of Engineering; Arts and Sciences (Division of Natural and Mathematical Sciences); Food, Agricultural and Environmental Sciences; Medicine; Pharmacy; and Veterinary Medicine.

Viswanathan, Babu

Research Scientist Materials Science Engineering Website:

Vodovotz, Yael

Photo of Yael Vodovotz
Professor Food Science and Technology Website:

Volakis, John

Photo of John Volakis
Professor Electrical and Computer Engineering Website:

Wagoner, Robert

Photo of Robert Wagoner
Faculty Emeritus and Professor Materials Science Engineering Website:

Walton, Eric

Photo of Eric Keller Walton
Research Specialist Electroscience Lab (College of Engineering) Website:

Wang, Yunzhi

Photo of Yunzhi Wang
Professor Materials Science Engineering Website:

White, Marvin

Photo of Marvin White
Professor Electrical and Computer Engineering Website:

Wilkins, John

Ohio Eminent Scholar, Professor Physics Website:

Williams, David

Photo of David Williams
Dean College Of Engineering Dean’s Office Website:

Williams, James

Photo of James Williams
Faculty Emeritus Materials Science Engineering Website:

Williams, Robert

Photo of Robert Williams
Assistant Director Center for Electron Microscopy and Analysis Website:

Windl, Wolfgang

Photo of Wolfgang Windl
Professor Materials Science Engineering Website:

Winter, Jessica

Photo of Jessica Winter
Associate Professor Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering and Biomedical Engineering Website:

Wood, David

Photo of David Wood
Associate Professor Chemical Engineering Website:

Woodward, Patrick

Wu, Yiying

Photo of Yiying Wu
Associate Professor Chemistry Website:

Wyslouzil, Barbara

Photo of Barbara Wyslouzil
Professor Chemistry and Biochemistry Website:

Wysocki, Vicki

Photo of Vicki Wysocki
Ohio Eminent Scholar Chemistry and Biochemistry Website:

Xu, Ronald

Photo of Ronald Xu
Associate Professor Biomedical Engineering, Ophtalmology Website:

Yang, Fengyuan

Photo of Fengyuan Yang
Associate Professor Physics Website: