IMR Members

IMR’s membership includes over 200 faculty members and research staff representing 20 departments and 6 colleges. IMR members are faculty from the Colleges of Engineering; Arts and Sciences (Division of Natural and Mathematical Sciences); Food, Agricultural and Environmental Sciences; Medicine; Pharmacy; and Veterinary Medicine.

Ringel, Steven

Photo of Steven Ringel
Professor, Director Electrical and Computer Engineering and Institute for Materials Research Website:

Rizzoni, Giorgio

Photo of Giorgio Rizzoni
Ford Motor Company Chair Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering Website:

Roblin, Patrick

Photo of Patrick Roblin
Professor Electrical and Computer Engineering Website:

Rojas-Teran, Roberto

Photo of Roberto Rojas-Teran
Professor Electrical and Computer Engineering Website:

Rosol, Thomas

Photo of Thomas Rosol
Professor Veterinary Biosciences Website:

Ruan, Gang

Photo of Gang Ruan
Adjunct Professor Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering Website:

Saam, William

Photo of William Saam
Emeritus Professor Physics Website:

Sahai, Yogeshwar

Photo of Yogeshwar Sahai
Faculty Emeritus Materials Science Engineering Website:

Sastry, Sudhir

Photo of Sudhir Sastry
Professor Food Agriculture and Biological Engineering Website:

Sertel, Kubilay

Photo of Kubilay Sertel
Assistant Professor Electroscience Laboratory Website:

Shafaat, Hannah

Photo of Hannah Shafaat
Assistant Professor Chemistry and Biochemistry Website:

Shah, Ajay

Photo of Ajay Shah
Assistant Professor Department of Food, Agricultural and Biological Engineering Website:

Shearer, Scott

Photo of Scott Shearer
Professor and Chair Food Agriculture and Biological Engineering Website:

Shukla, Vasudha

Research Scientist Biomedical Engineering

Singer, Sherwin

Photo of Sherwin Singer
Professor Chemistry Website:

Singh, Rajendra

Photo of Rajendra Singh
Donald D. Glower Chair Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering Website: Website:

Smith, Philip

Photo of Philip Smith
Professor and Chair Integrated Systems Engineering Website:

Soghrati, Soheil

Photo of Soheil Soghrati
Assistant Professor Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering / Materials Science Engineering Website:

Song, Jonathan

Photo of Jonathan Song
Assistant Professor Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Website: