Graduate students challenged to present three-minute theses at OSU Materials Week

Matt Souva (right) won top prize for his 3MT presentation at 2017 OSU Materials Week.


How much time would you need to explain your dissertation, from the painstakingly crafted proposal to collected data, findings, and conclusion? According to the University of Queensland, an 80,000-word thesis requires about nine hours to present.


Master’s and doctoral students taking the stage at 2018 OSU Materials Week, however, won’t have a second past the three-minute mark.


On May 8, the Institute for Materials Research (IMR) kicks off its 10th annual OSU Materials Week conference with a Three Minute Thesis (3MT) competition, founded and registered by UQ in Australia.


No props. No elaborate electronic media assistance. No dumbing it down. Presenters are allowed just one static slide to accompany their three-minute orations.


The 3MT competition is a challenge to effectively communicate a distilled, compelling thesis and its significance to an audience outside their specific scholarly focus. Hundreds of materials-allied researchers from industry and universities across the country and within The Ohio State University are attending this year’s Materials Week event.


Are you up for the challenge?


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