Graduate students challenged to present three-minute theses at OSU Materials Week

Matt Souva (right) won top prize for his 3MT presentation at 2017 OSU Materials Week.


How much time would you need to explain your dissertation, from the painstakingly crafted proposal to collected data, findings, and conclusion? According to the University of Queensland, an 80,000-word thesis requires about nine hours to present.


Master’s and doctoral students taking the stage at 2018 OSU Materials Week, however, won’t have a second past the three-minute mark.


On May 8, the Institute for Materials Research (IMR) kicks off its 10th annual OSU Materials Week conference with a Three Minute Thesis (3MT) competition, founded and registered by UQ in Australia.


No props. No elaborate electronic media assistance. No dumbing it down. Presenters are allowed just one static slide to accompany their three-minute orations.


The 3MT competition is a challenge to effectively communicate a distilled, compelling thesis and its significance to an audience outside their specific scholarly focus. Hundreds of materials-allied researchers from industry and universities across the country and within The Ohio State University are attending this year’s Materials Week event.


Are you up for the challenge?


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Renowned UT Dallas professor discusses high-k gate dielectrics at IMR Distinguished Lecturer Series


Robert M. Wallace of the University of Texas at Dallas brought decades of experience in the fields of physics and materials science to students and faculty at The Ohio State University on March 27 during IMR’s annual Distinguished Lecturer Series.


Wallace is a renowned professor of Materials Science and Engineering and Erik Jonsson Distinguished Chair in the School of Engineering and Computer Science at UT Dallas.


His lecture, “High-K Dielectrics: A Perspective on Applications from Silicon to 2-D Materials,” walked attendees through evolutions and challenges in gate-dielectrics research, from the establishment of Hf-based dielectrics in commercial silicon technology fabrication processes to pushing the limits of channel scaling with atomically thin 2-D materials.


“I wanted to try to give a larger perspective of how important materials are and how important interdisciplinary interactions are in doing this kind of work,” Wallace said.


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Student collaboration connects with Discovery Themes at INNOVATE-O-thon

The Institute for Materials Research (IMR) cast a wide net to land the diverse collection of students and faculty taking aim during the most recent INNOVATE-O-thon at improving energy efficiency at the Columbus campus of The Ohio State University.


Faculty members hired through different focus areas of the Ohio State’s Discovery Themes Initiative joined nearly 50 students from across colleges to try their hands in helping shape the future of energy consumption at the land-grant university.


The students’ challenge: Develop a strategy to inspire nearly 60,000 students at the 485-building campus to alter their day-to-day, energy-use habits and, ultimately, push the Columbus campus toward its lofty goal to improve energy efficiency by at least 25 percent over 10 years.


“INNOVATE-O-thon, I’ve done it twice in the past, and it’s always kind of fun to interact with people from different backgrounds,” said Muhammad Shao, a major in mechanical engineering. “It’s good to hear different perspectives. I’ve realized, from the past, that design majors are just as important as engineering majors.”


The students’ strategies were pitched to a panel of representatives from ENGIE, which makes up half of a joint venture with Axium Infrastructure called Ohio State Energy Partners, responsible for the operation and maintenance of the central utility systems that heat, cool and power the Columbus campus.


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Fulbright Week encourages future scholars and students, celebrates past recipients

On Monday, The Ohio State University kicked off its ninth annual Fulbright Week: five days of on-campus workshops, information sessions and open houses to inform faculty and students about opportunities available through the U.S. government’s flagship international educational exchange program.


Ohio State is a top Fulbright grant producing institution, with nine Fulbright Scholars and 10 Fulbright Students in the 2017-18 academic year, according to the Chronicle of Higher Education.


The Fulbright U.S. Scholars Program offers a catalog of awards specific to those in the field of Engineering. However, all university faculty, professionals, undergraduate and graduate student are encouraged to participate and learn more about the Fulbright and Fulbright-Hays programs.


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Panel at KEEN partnership launch discusses impact of entrepreneurial engineering

Photo courtesy of the College of Engineering

KEEN partnership launch party on March 6, 2018. Photo courtesy of the College of Engineering


The Ohio State University recently celebrated its partnership with the Kern Entrepreneurial Engineering Network (KEEN) at a launch party hosted by the Department of Engineering Education.


Last summer, Ohio State became the newest member to join the KEEN network of thousands of engineering faculty aiming to equip students with a more entrepreneurial mindset by transforming institutions and curriculums. The ultimate goal is to help students develop personal, economic and societal value, fostering a lifetime of meaningful work for each graduate.


“It is an extraordinary honor for the Department of Engineering Education and The College of Engineering at The Ohio State University to be invited to join KEEN,” said David Williams, dean of the College of Engineering. “We look forward to infusing an entrepreneurial mindset into the thousands of young engineers whom we teach each year. The opportunity to build connections with, and learn from the other KEEN partners, will prepare our students to create value and change the world they are entering.”


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