Facility Grants Awards, Spring 2009

Eight new research projects were awarded by the IMR in May 2009, for a total investment of $16,000. The eight projects support 10 faculty researchers from four departments within the College of Engineering and the College of Biological, Mathematical and Physical Sciences.

  • Characterization of TiO2 Nanowires Grown by Thermal Oxidation on Titanium Alloys Lead Investigator: Sheikh Akbar, Materials Science and Engineering; Co-Investigator: Suliman A. Dregia, Materials Science and Engineering
  • Ultra-high spatial resolution FeCNT probes for quantitative Magnetic Force Microscopy analysis of magnetic systems Lead Investigator: P. Chris Hammel, Physics
  • A proposal to fabricate low loss ridge-type Ta2O5 optical waveguides using atomic layer deposition and electron beam lithography of SU-8 Lead Investigator: Gregory Lafyatis, Physics
  • High Resolution Electron Beam Lithography on Optically Transparent Substrates Lead Investigator: Wu Lu, Electrical and Computer
  • Engineering Controlled Deposition of Nano-structured Metal Oxides on Micro Hotplate Devices for Gas Sensing Lead Investigator: Patricia Morris, Materials Science
  • Molecular beam epitaxy growth of GaN/AlN superlattice nanorods on Si (111) Lead Investigator: Roberto Myers, Materials Science and Engineering
  • Simulation and Characterization on GDC Nano-islands Lead Investigator: Yunzhi Wang, Materials Science and Engineering; Co-Investigator: Suliman Dregia, Materials Science and Engineering
  • Semiconductor Nanowire Synthesis by Metalorganic Chemical Vapor Deposition Lead Investigator: Fengyuan Yang, Physics and Engineering

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