2007 IMRG Awards Announcement

The OSU Institute for Materials Research (IMR) announces nine awards for its inaugural Interdisciplinary Materials Research Grants competition.
IMR Interdisciplinary Materials Research Grants (IMRGs) are intended to stimulate and advance collaborative and multidisciplinary research in materials-allied fields with the specific goal of generating highly competitive external grant proposals that target large, multi-investigator and center-level opportunities.
The nine awarded research projects for funding in 2007 by IMR are:

  • Hybrid Organic-Inorganic Solar Conversion Systems, Lead: Malcolm Chisholm, Chemistry; Co-Applicants: Arthur Epstein; Physics; Paul Berger, Electrical and Computer Engineering; Nitin Padture, Materials Science and Engineering; Terry Gustafson, Chemistry
  • Electrical measurements of gold nanoparticles in biological tissue for cancer detection, Lead: Joseph Heremans, Mechanical Engineering; Co-Applicants: Robert Lee, Electrical & Computer Engineering; Edward Martin, Jr, Surgery; Stephen Povoski, Surgery; Vish Subramaniam, Mechanical Engineering; Duxin Sun, Pharmacy; Ronald Xu, Biomedical Engineering
  • Chemically-triggered Materials Assembly from Synthetic Peptides and Soy Proteins, Lead: Dennis Bong, Chemistry; Co-Applicant: Stephen St. Martin, Horticulture and Crop Science
  • Novel active structure design exploiting 3D multi-functional materials, Lead: Steve Bechtel, Mechanical Engineering; Co-Applicants: Marcelo Dapino, Mechanical Engineering and Michael Mills, Materials Science and Engineering
  • Materials with magnetic ordering and low loss for new high frequency applications, Lead: Henk Verweij, Materials Science and Engineering; Co-Applicants: John Volakis, Electrical and Computer Engineering; Patrick Woodward, Chemistry
  • Physics-Based Multiscale Modeling Tools for Ultrastructural Evolution, Lead: Hamish Fraser, Materials Science and Engineering; Co-Applicants: Ju Li, Materials Science and Engineering; Yunzhi Wang, Materials Science and Engineering; Michael Mills, Materials Science and Engineering; Jim Williams, Materials Science and Engineering; Somnath Ghosh, Mechanical Engineering; John Wilkins, Physics; Parthasarathy Srinivasan, Computer Science and Engineering; Raghu Machiraju, Computer Science and Engineering; Kim Boyer, Electrical and Computer Engineering; Ashok Krishnamurthy, Electrical and Computer Engineering; William Carson, Surgery; Atom Sarkar, Neurological Surgery
  • Computational Modeling of Novel Multi-functional Materials, Lead: Nandini Trivedi, Physics; Co-Applicants: Mohit Randeria, Physics; Leonard Brillson, Electrical and Computer Engineering; Chris Hammel, Physics; Patrick Woodward, Chemistry
  • Assessing the physico-chemical properties of bio-based PLA-PEG films for food packaging applications, Lead: Yael Vodovotz, Food Science and Technology; Co-Applicant: Kurt Koelling, Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering
  • Interfacial engineering and scaling of hybrid biological-electrical biosensing architectures based on wide-bandgap semiconductor GaN, Lead: Wu Lu, Electrical and Computer Engineering; Co-Applicants: Leonard J. Brillson ; Electrical and Computer Engineering; Stephen C. Lee, Biomedical Engineering

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