IMR Facility Grants, February 2007

  • Manufacture of Non-Photodefinable Polymer Nanostructures Using Pressure-Assisted Nanopatterning; Lead: Yi Zhao, Biomedical Engineering
  • Superconductivity and Ferromagnetism: Proximity Effects; Lead: Thomas Lemberger, Physics; Co-Applicants: Fengyuan Yang, Physics; Julia Myer, Physics; R. Sooryakumar, Physics
  • Passive Millimeter-Wave Camera Using Monolithic Si-Based Square-Law Detectors for Inclement Weather Piloting and Security Screening; Lead: Paul Berger, Electrical and Computer Engineering
  • Request for IMR Facility Grant to Enhance Program on Spintronic Phenomena in Organic-Based Materials; Lead: Arthur Epstein, Physics; Co-Applicants: Jeremy Bergeson (Postdoctoral Researcher); Deniz Duman and Mark Murphey (Graduate Students)
  • A Proposal to Devlop High Quality Coupling Gratings for Ta2O5 Optical Waveguides Using Electron Beam Lithography; Lead: Gregory Lafyatis, Physics
  • Development of Ultra-Short T-Gates for High Speed Electronics; Lead: Wu Lu, , Electrical and Computer Engineering
  • Facility Support for Structural Analysis of Multifunctional Oxide Interfaces; Lead: Leonard Brillson, Electrical and Computer Engineering; Co-Applicants: Fengyuan Yang, Physics; Patrick Woodward, Chemistry
  • Preparation and Characterization of Ultrasharp Tips for Sub-10nm Resolution Optical Microscopy and Spectroscopy; Lead: Jay Gupta, Physics; Co-Applicants: Arthur Epstein, Physics; Terry Gustafson, Chemistry
  • Support for 2 projects: Nanometer-resolution studies of gate-field-modified Schottky-Barrier devices and Nanoscale studies of metal-molecule-Si Schottky-Barrier devices; Lead: Jonathan Pelz, Physics
  • Reliability of Single Sensor DTA in Determining Phase Transformations and Structural Changes in Advanced Structural Alloys; Lead: John Lippold, Industrial, Welding, and Systems Engineering; Co-Applicant: Boian Alexandrov (Research Scientist)
  • Materials Science of Photo-reversible Semiconducting Glass States; Lead: R. Sooryakumar, Physics; Co-Applicant: Ronald Reano, Electrical and Computer Engineering
  • Request for an IMR Facility Grant; Lead: Sheikh Akbar, Materials Science and Engineering; Co-Applicants: Derek Hansford, Biomedical Engineering
  • Multi-Cation Oxides for Cye-Sensitized Solar Cells; Lead: Yiying Wu, Chemistry
  • Semiconductor Nanowires for Spintronics; Lead: Fengyuan Yang, Physics
  • Sub-Lithographic Patterning of Magnetic Nanowires; Lead: Ezekiel Johnston-Halperin, Physics; Co-Applicant: Fengyuan Yang, Physics
  • Application for IMR Facility Grant; Lead: P. Chris Hammel, Physics

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